The Bell Tower II

I had never been in this section of sewer pipes. Even in the dark I could see that they were different, lacking the uniformity and symmetry of the pipes I normally wandered through. They twisted and turned, branching out into new pipes of different sizes at odd intervals. They even smelled different, less dull, damp, mould and more earthy like a compost heap.
“Where are we?” I asked
“In the service network. It’s been built bit by bit as needed by pipers to connect new homes.”
“I didn’t know if I would see you tonight. I thought that maybe you got cold feet.”
Evan stopped suddenly looking frustrated and tense.
“Well I knew you’d get caught and need rescuing so I thought it would be better just to stand back and watch for a while and wouldn’t you know – I was right” he said coldly but with a mocking smile that offered neither apology nor justification, “We have to keep moving or they’ll find us.”
“The night guard?”
“No. They don’t even know about these pipes. I mean Marius.”
“He’s harmless, he just likes to talk because he thinks that it makes him better than everyone else and insightful in some way. Besides for all his eloquent delusions I like Marius.” I said it more defensively than I meant to.
“Marius isn’t anybody’s friend Peter, he’s just some self-appointed chief who likes to feel that people respects him and when he couldn’t get it in the city he came out here and started telling people about the virtues of the work we did and how we could use the invisibility that the city-dwellers wanted so badly to live our own way, on our own terms, like this was better or something, living in the middle of fucking no-where, with those ungrateful fuckers in the city thinking they’re so much better than us, bowing down to that stupid Bell Tower.”
“Marius isn’t from here?”