The Lost Children III

“Come again to mock child?”
“Not to mock, no, but to seek peace. I cannot live with you as my enemy nor can you with me as yours”
“Leave child, there is no peace that can be made between us. You understand nothing I say, you see an attack in every word and you throw my love back at me as if it means nothing to you. There is no place where we can stand together as one. When we stand together, it is only to face each other as enemies. But I love my enemy. I love my enemy more than I love those whom I call friend. So what should I do when my enemy who I love hates all that I am, sits above me in judgement and calls mistake every time I stretch out a hand? What shall I do but turn away and say ‘be gone, leave me!’ because I cannot fight you my child, you who are determined to hate me and be my enemy because I cannot strike against you who I love. But you don’t love. You would happily walk away and abandon me with no feeling at all because you are a selfish, overindulged child who knows not the care with which the love of others should be treated. Now you cry child? Now I have cut you. How is it that you come to feel child? When I offer you all that I am your tongue hardens to cold steel but when I give you what you want, to be free of me, you cry tears as if you love.”