On Good and Evil

Good will prevail over evil, right over wrong. I don’t believe this because of some intangible reason, naïve superstition or even blind hope. I believe this because of what I know and a conviction that is so strong that it must be true. I understand the nature of both and the inevitable destination that the paths inherent in the conscious choice of one over the other will end. You see evil will always end with its inevitable self-destruction, because the supremacy from which it draws its power can only come from the destruction of anything that threatens it. Like an artificial narcotic that only keeps the mind going with each successive hit, an ever increasing hit needed, until every vein is dead and decayed and the body irrevocably poisoned. If something is evil it only knows how to destroy, but things that are good knows how to defeat too. Defeat is especially valuable because it allows for co-existence. It allows enmity to slowly dissipate once the battle is won. Destruction only considers the battle won once there are no one left to fight. Evil is a pyric cannibal that destroys not only itself but everything and everyone that is capable of repairing the damage and consigning evil to exile. Evil destroyed dies in body with the people who carry out its acts but its spirit lives on until prosperity, forgetfulness and ignorance birth a complacency that allows it to return.
And it does return, always, with an ever refined face, to teach the same lesson again and again and again until people learn that the exile always comes to rest among those it tried to destroy. When they finally see its true face, their own face, their lust for revenge, they will understand that allowing the defeated to live in peace and remembrance requires a far greater power than to put a thousand to death in vengeance.
While even one person dies as a martyr, more will rise to replace them because we have no force that can destroy a belief that is given the power of life sacrificed for it. When a belief acquires the force of a life given freely for it, then all that more force will do will strengthen the belief by feeding it with more blood and more lives.