There were only two stars in the sky as it warmed to morning. Light purple as night fell away and the laughing children scurried home to escape the rising sun. Another day; it is over. Say goodbye to your new friends, they are tired and drunk and will not remember much. Buts it’s alright, we had a real good time. We did. It doesn’t matter about tomorrow; we had a real good time. The music hasn’t stopped yet, they’re still going, but it’s nothing more than a hope, the height has been crested and we’re all rolling down. Some to sleep, some to thoughts, some to a long awaited embrace. These are the golden hours, the magical time when the world is not asleep and not awake. I’m no-where but I know. Waiting. We’re waiting for the sun. When it rises and we’re still awake, we know it’s been a good night, a night worthy of what we wanted. An experience that will be retold. People may see it in photos or through sunglasses and slurred words but they’ll see it. Coming home under the lightening sky we know something, we did something and you will never understand. Stop trying. Don’t do it. You rise, you wake, already there are cyclists who stick lycra to their skin and clips to their feet. They think they know. They know nothing. This is the time when you wake up, this is when your day starts, but us, this is when our night is just ending. Magic happens at night, hard work happens during the day. No more work today, only magic, only the night and more dunk strangers who make an experience man. You don’t know. I don’t know. I’m starving man. Some fiend is frying up something oniony delicious. Give me a thick toast piled high with it. A strong cup of coffee too. Let us go and have breakfast without the regular precursor of sleep. We are not regular, we do not sleep, we revel and dance and you sleep. The sun comes up and you wake. We play at night we are owls. We are jaguars and moonstones. We are proud we stayed the night. We had the life, the power the passion to keep going. You don’t because you think that you’re sensible. You are sensible but that is not a complement.