There were only two stars in the sky as it warmed to morning. Light purple as night fell away and the laughing children scurried home to escape the rising sun. Another day; it is over. Say goodbye to your new friends, they are tired and drunk and will not remember much. Buts it’s alright, we … Continue reading 5am

Young and Misunderstood

Why do I constantly feel this way, present but somehow separate from the world as if I don’t belong, am not wanted, a twist of fate that everyone could quite easily do without. Their simple happy lives are only complicated by my presence, my words, my worries but I can’t help it, I can’t stop … Continue reading Young and Misunderstood

Too Many Questions

Why is it that at the moment I seem to be waking up that everyone around me seems to be lining their beds for lifelong hibernation? Why is it that I want to explore the world in all its chaos and beauty but everyone else wants to put up higher walls, close their eyes and … Continue reading Too Many Questions

Just So

Something happened during that awkward pause, that moment when we both realised that we had nothing to say and were neither happy nor sad about it. Ambivalence at our individual ambivalence. We both looked vacantly around, looking for a sign to read or something to comment on but even that seemed too much of an … Continue reading Just So

Martin who Lives in Hell

My name is Martin and I live in Hell only it’s not a never ending post-mortem torture, it’s a real place and no the people who live here don’t know. I asked them, a lot of them, do you know what Hell is? And the answer is always the same, “well you’re in Hell Mr, … Continue reading Martin who Lives in Hell

Airport People

At the airport you’re no-where and no-one. Not home but still not away, attached to nothing, free of everything with only the possibilities of the journey ahead. Freedom, you can taste it. There is a reason that its inner sanctum is so well guarded, because what lies beyond it is the magical escape from the … Continue reading Airport People

Cairo Madness

Welcome to Egypt the place where logic comes to die. Nothing makes sense here and it never will. This is a place built on explosive mud where everything is swinging and swirling and sinking. Everything that rises will eventually sink and get covered in dust. When it doesn’t sink it explodes in small bursts so … Continue reading Cairo Madness

On Good and Evil

Good will prevail over evil, right over wrong. I don’t believe this because of some intangible reason, naïve superstition or even blind hope. I believe this because of what I know and a conviction that is so strong that it must be true. I understand the nature of both and the inevitable destination that the … Continue reading On Good and Evil

On Sex and Art

Sex makes the vicious, untamed beast in all of us beautiful. Sex is for the body what art is for the soul, that which connects the physical with the spiritual, the obvious with the very real unseen, a mirror to the face that fears its own reflection. From naked vulnerability flows something that supersedes the … Continue reading On Sex and Art